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Airports commission backs Heathrow Plan and the plans are amazing

A decision on Heathrow Airport is expected by the end of the year.

Heathrow Airport have released artist impressions of how the prospective new third runway will look.

The north west runway will be two miles (3,200m) long ?and will be big enough for any aircraft in the world to use. A new central terminal will also be built, as well as an expanded business park.

It is believed that a three-runway Heathrow will provide up to 740,000 flights a year which is enough for Heathrow to compete on an equal footing with Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

The new Heathrow Airport will create up to 180,000 jobs. Kilkern believe its ridiculous that we have to wait so long for the UK to increase aircraft capacity. Our global competitors in the European area in Holland and Germany must have been rubbing their hands in glee at our lack of action. Now a decision is soon to be announced and we are truly excited about the proposals. A third runway at Heathrow is the sensible choice as Heathrow is already the best airport in the UK by a wide distance and its always sensible to improve your best asset rather than trying to create a new one. I fly back and over to Ireland every week from London and having tried all the airports in and around London I know from personal experience that for customer service, accessibility and the services on offer Heathrow is by far the best. Kilkern supplied labour into the Heathrow Airport project for the tail end of the T5 programme of work so we are always biased in terms of wanting to approve construction projects. In fact we want them to expand all the other airports too. If we lived under Heathrow airport we would probably oppose it as everyone is a NIMBY when its in their own back yard but as far as the wider community is concerned the Heathrow expansion is the best choice.

Kilkern supplies staff in London and the South East and across the UK including technical and supervisory staff and site labour. Kilkern has specialist divisions for Water, Rail, Tunnelling, Power and Construction.

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