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TATA New Road Project

Project: Project: TATA New Road Project
Employer: LSEP – Lostock Sustainable Energy Plant
Contractor: LSEP
Contract: Bespoke Contract
Project Value: £2.1M
Duration: 10 months

Lostock Sustainable Energy Plant (LSEP), is a new £480 million energy from waste (EfW) facility located at the Lostock Works site near Northwich in Cheshire. It will recover energy cleanly and safely from residual waste – the waste left over after reusable and recyclable material has been removed. The footprint for the new plant is too large for the existing area so Kilkern were engaged to construct a new plant access road which would allow the existing road to be de-commissioned and absorbed into the area required for the new energy plant.

The project phasing was particularly complicated as 24-hour access needed to be maintained for all the businesses operating at the facility. The experienced Kilkern team were asked to advise on the development of an operational solution that would deliver the project in cost effective and programme efficient phases which satisfied the time and budget objectives.

The Kilkern team worked collaboratively with the client to propose a solution which met the objectives, with the work carried out in a live environment and planned to maintain traffic and pedestrian flow to the area as well as maintain access.

Part of the scope of works was the installation of a large, stone formation storage area which would service the main body of works which will take place during 2023 and beyond.

The project involved substantial excavation of the existing ground, with much of it proving to be contaminated from many decades of previous manufacturing surplus materials tipped at the site of the new road. The Kilkern team liaised with the client team and developed a system of removing the contaminants to another area on site for future re-processing.

Key metrics
• 6000 mᶾ of excavation
• 950m of new drainage
• 25 new manholes
• 200mᶾ of reinforced concrete
• 1200m of new kerbs
• 100m of new trief kerbs
• 5000m² of full road construction
• 650m² of new footpath construction
• 38,000 man hours
• 2000 m of new kerbs
• 600 m of beany kerbs

The project also involved the construction of various reinforced concrete foundations and aprons and included the installation of two large weighbridges.

A new gatehouse was constructed to control access and egress from the facility and to manage all site deliveries. Once this commissioned and taken into use the existing gatehouse was dismantled.

The project also involved 5 separate phases of full road construction resulting in 5000 m² of new road, as well as new footpaths, road crossings and raised traffic calming measures.

The new road benefitted from a new street lighting installation as well as many new traffic sign installations. An extensive new cable ducting network provided power, water and data services to all the new facilities.

Project Challenges

The first phase of the project was by far the largest in scope and resulted in many design changes and elements of additional work. The Kilkern team worked collaboratively with the LSEP team to develop practical cost-effective solutions to the various design challenges and then planned an increase of resources on site to deliver the increased scope of works to achieve the original programme dates.

The works included a substantial drainage installation including pumping stations and interceptors in challenging ground conditions with a high existing water table making the installation more complicated. Despite the challenges the Kilkern team delivered very effective construction output and achieved the programme dates.

By far the largest challenge the Kilkern team faced during the lifespan of the project was the EPCM contractor, the French company CNIM Environnement & Energie EPC, entering administration. This led to much uncertainty on site and the project coming to a temporary halt. The Kilkern senior team engaged directly with the senior LSEP team and worked expeditiously to agree new contractual terms which would get the project back on track. Our team developed an open and honest relationship with the senior LSEP team and were the first contractor to re-start operational delivery works on site.

Project Success

The experienced Kilkern team added a lot of value to the project especially as it re-started following CNIM entering administration. As the first contractor to recommence works a new designer was not yet on board and many design challenges needed to be overcome to maintain progress. The Kilkern team proactively engaged with the LSEP team and the consulting engineers, Fichtner, to identify issues with the design and promote practical and cost-effective solutions. Our knowledge of delivering similar projects was fundamental in agreeing construction details which could be delivered safely whilst maintaining good progress.

The project was completed accident free in July 2022 in line with the agreed programme delivery dates and was also within with the forecast budget.

Various of the Kilkern operational delivery team were awarded site safety awards for their positive attitude towards safety.

The Kilkern senior team actively promoted the benefits of a culture of positive behavioural safety, and regularly donated prizes for the monthly safety award scheme.

The Kilkern commercial team adopted an attitude of ‘no surprises’ to keep the LSEP team aware of any movement in the projected project budget. Our commercial staff did an excellent job of monitoring and advising change on site in a timely manner and collaboratively agreeing and closing out variations every month. This delivered a benefit to out client by giving them clear visibility of the project out turn cost. When the project was completed, both parties had already agreed the majority of the change account making the final account a quick and efficient process with no conflict.

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