Environmental Policy

We all have a responsibility to protect the environment from the effects of our activities.  Kilkern Ltd takes its responsibilities seriously in this respect and is committed to reducing the impact of its activities on the environment.

To this end Kilkern Ltd recognises that there are many steps that it can take to continuously improve its environmental performance and thereby reduce or prevent damage to the environment. These steps can also add value to our business and make a positive contribution to the success of the company. In other words, we do not believe that good environmental management and the financial wellbeing of the company are incompatible.

In order to meet this commitment Kilkern Ltd will pursue the following aims and objectives:

  • To ensure compliance with all applicable environmental legislation.
  • To reduce consumption of natural resources.
  • To reduce emissions and prevent pollution.
  • To minimise noise and other nuisances.
  • To assist in the management of ecology.
  • To protect the environment from the effects of our work activities.
  • To minimise the life cycle impact of our operations and physical assets.
  • To wherever possible reuse or recycle waste produced and to dispose of any remaining waste in the most environmental efficient way possible.
  • To set environmental objectives and targets and to continuously assess and improve our environmental performance.

The principal elements of our policy are: –

  1. Maintaining an environmental management system to the requirements of the International Standard ISO 14001:2015;
  2. Setting and reviewing progress towards environmental objectives and targets and management programmes to ensure continual improvement;
  3. Providing environmental awareness for all employees to understand the company’s environmental policies, objectives and programmes and their role within them;
  4. Ensuring the company understands and complies with the requirements of all environmental legislation, guidelines and codes of practice applicable to the organisation;
  5. Ensuring Subcontractors/ Partners meet or exceed our environmental standards.
  6. Committing adequate financial and staff resources
  7. This policy is available to all interested parties on request

The necessary personnel and financial resources will be allocated to assist in meeting the above environmental objectives. In addition, Kilkern Ltd will continue to raise the levels of environmental awareness throughout its workforce and to promote this awareness to its customers and suppliers.  This policy will be reviewed annually as part of the Management review process, to ensure its continued relevance and adequacy.

Date 1st November 2023

P Curran

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