Fatigue Management & Hours of Work Policy

Kilkern Ltd is committed to enforcing an effective Fatigue Management & Hours of Work Policy.

For rail work this will be in accordance with the requirements of Network Rail Company Standards NR/L2/OHS/003 – Fatigue Management (current Issue) and NR/GN/INI/001 (current issue) – Guidance on the Management of Door to Door Work & Travel Time.

We recognize the importance of such a policy in its contribution towards ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees, sub-contractors, and all those affected by our works. Kilkern Ltd will take all measures as far as is reasonably practicable to ensure that all employees and sub-contractors are aware of and adhere to the guidelines for hours of work.

Kilkern Ltd requires that all employees or sub-contractors shall not:

  • Work in excess of 12 hours per turn of duty.
  • For Rail work in excess of 72 hours in any 7 day period.
  • For Civil Engineering Work in excess of 84 hours per calendar week.
  • Work more than 13 turns of duty in any 14 day period.
  • Take less than 12 hour’s rest between booking off and on concurrent turns of duty.

Deviation from the above limits will require the completion of a Risk Assessment and the Kilkern Ltd Excess Hours Authority form.

Travelling Time

All employees and sub-contractors working on behalf of Kilkern Ltd will be required to adhere to the following requirement with regard to travelling to sites and lodging away:

  • Travelling each way to and from site should ideally be included in the maximum 12 hours turn of duty.
    However where this is not possible, the travelling time must not lead an overall turn of duty time in excess of 14 hours.
  • Where travelling will lead to an exceedance of the above 14 hour turn of duty limit:

For rail work, lodging required IN ALL CIRCUMSTANCES. 
For non-rail work a DEDICATED DRIVER may be used.

Kilkern Ltd has developed internal procedures to prevent employees or sub-contractors from working excess hours or shifts.  Measurement of the effectiveness of these procedures will be carried out via a continuous monitoring process.  Should this monitoring process reveal a departure from the procedures then appropriate action will be taken.

This policy will be reviewed annually as part of the Management review process, to ensure its continued relevance and adequacy.

Date 8th November 2022

P Curran

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