VAC UK vac ex working with Kilkern civil engineering at Meols Cop, Southport

Kilkern and VAC UK join forces for Southport S.278 road improvements

4th Dec 2023

Kilkern has been working to deliver junction improvement works to the new Sainsbury’s development in Southport, Merseyside.

The works were carried out under a S278 agreement and were to form two access points into the new 185,000 sq ft Meols Cop Retail Park development off the A570 Meols Cop Road.

Civil engineering and highway specialist Kilkern was responsible for the supply of labour, plant and materials to deliver:

  • Surveying & Setting Out
  • Reduced Level dig and service diversions (HV / BT / Virgin Media)
  • Construction of new access road, traffic islands and footways
  • Installation of Traffic Signal and Street Lighting infrastructure
  • Construction of new access road off Foul Lane
  • Construction of new traffic islands
  • General coordination to ensure maintained access to the ongoing development.

Kilkern civil engineering at Meols CopA key part of the works was to excavate approximately 150 linear metres of existing footway which was highly congested with services including fibre optic cables. Services were then either diverted or protected and this area was then formed as part of the new carriageway.

Kilkern able to bring in group vac ex specialists

Kilkern utilised the services of VAC UK, Kilkern’s specialist vacuum excavation business to carry out the ground reduction works in this location.

VAC UK vac ex operator at Kilkern's Meols Cop site

Vac ex at Meols Cop

Craig Winter, Kilkern Operations Manager, was pleased with the part the whole of the Kilkern group had played in the delivery of the scheme.

“The scheme was completed efficiently and on time,” he said. “At Kilkern we have the unique selling point of having our own specialist vacuum excavation business which means we can deliver these types of schemes without outsourcing.

“VAC UK and Kilkern worked collaborative to ensure this high-risk activity was carried out quickly and safely, ensuring that the programme timetable was met.”

Sean Gallagher, VAC UK General Manager, believes that the deployment of vac ex is set to increase dramatically.

“With the benefits of reduced services strike risk; better environmental performance, less mess and a significantly lower cost per cubic metre of excavation on anything other than the smallest jobs, we are seeing vacuum excavation preferred in many different construction situations,” he said.

“It is particularly attractive in urban environments where a combination of poor underground mapping and congested services can make excavation by any other means extremely challenging.”

Kilkern civil engineering at Meols Cop

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