Our commitment

At Kilkern we consider our safety a part of our DNA.

Everyone who works on our sites, visits us or makes use of the depot’s, office and workshop areas should do so confident that we are providing a safe place to work.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all members of our workforce so that NO HARM comes to anyone


Our expectation

In return, we expect all members of our workforce to:

  • Respect the policies, rules and regulations of the business
  • Act reasonably, be well-behaved and show respect to others
  • Carry out their work or activities in a way and follow our safety value that safeguards:
    • their own health and safety
    • the health and safety of anyone else who could be affected

We hope all visitors to our depots and sites will welcome our NO HARM commitment and will adopt the same standards.



NO HARM is a behaviour-led programme which encourages our teams not only to be fully conversant with the correct methods for dealing with workplace situations but also, recognising that not everything is in “the manual”, to equip them with the skills to be able to make correct real-life assessments and decisions about risk, health and safety when confronted with new challenges.

Achieving a truly embedded culture is a task which demands a commitment from us beyond training. Instead NO HARM is a multi-dimensioned programme which includes:

  • Learning, development and coaching
  • Visibility – ensuring there are continuous visual cues to act as reminders of the importance of NO HARM
  • Communications – including regular update communications, topical safety bulletins and toolbox talks to share best practice
  • Reporting and recognition – including RIDDOR, lost manhours reporting and rewarding outstanding behaviour

Alongside creating a better, safer place to work, through NO HARM we also achieve six key, measurable objectives:

  1. Accelerated safety culture improvement
  2. Reduced accident and injury rates
  3. Increased employee productivity
  4. Better workplace morale and staff retention
  5. Improved organisational reputation
  6. Greater competitive edge

NO HARM informs every aspect of what we do at Kilkern and brings confidence and assurance to the whole team.

By having the right systems and processes and, even more importantly, the right attitude, we are making the workplace safer and more professional and delivering an even better result for our clients.

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