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Sector:  Water and Leakage

Location:  London and South East

Date:  January 2014

Value: £100,000

Client: Amey

Type of work: Leakage Technicians

Due to record rainfall in 2013 Affinity Water needed to call in extra teams of Leakage Engineers to detect leaks that were springing up throughout their network. Amey one of Affinity Waters trusted contractors were called in at short notice to provide extra support. Amey entrusted Kilkern’s rapid response Water team provide a team 10 leakage engineers.

Working around the clock over the Christmas holidays Kilkern managed to source a team of highly trained staff some of whom had to be drafted in from the continent to meet the critical skills shortage.

Working in partnership with Amey Kilkern managed to deploy the leakage engineers who successfully used the latest technology to search for leaks hidden deep underground on Affinity Waters 16,500 km network of pipes.

As well as the Technicians Kilkern also provided supervisor staff who assisted with the project management of the project.

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