Completion of Bucknall New Road and Joiners Square in Stoke

31st Oct 2021

Kilkern Civils has completed improvement works at Joiners Square in Stole-on-Trent that will relieve historic congestion problems in the city.

Kilkern was engaged by GallifordTry to advise on improving programme efficiency and construction methodology on works at Joiners Square and at nearly Bucknall Road. The sites presented several operational challenges including access constraints and the need to maintain road and pedestrian traffic throughout the project. Additionally, preliminary works identified very congested existing services and communications below ground.

As originally timetabled, the project would have overrun so Kilkern worked closely with GallifordTry and end client Stoke City Council to rephase and accelerate the scheme while replanning the complex traffic management requirements. A key focus for the team was to work with the design team to identify compliant but lighter materials which offered the same longevity but were lighter and easier to handle, more cost effective and reduced the risk profile. Alongside the improvements to materials, bringing in lighter plant helped to negotiate the site constraints and provided environmental benefits.

The project delivered from the start. The revisions and rephasing meant that the local authority was able to give a green light to work starting in November 2020 and, more importantly, allowed project delivery to be accelerated. Kilkern Civil’s Chris Wright believes the project has been a useful example of the benefits of involving an experienced contractor in the early design and development phase. “Our experience helped to make the project more efficient and helped to improve the knowledge and experience of the engineers designing the project by promoting best practice from a contractor’s point of view,” he said.

“Throughout the development of the project our team used their extensive experience of similar works to change the original design to a solution which remained compliant but was more cost effective.”

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