Improving Chard town centre

31st Mar 2022

The VAC UK team is helping to transform Chard with its work on a programme of public realm improvements.
They are the first phase of a £2M, 4 year revitalisation project that also includes repairs and renovation of the Somerset town’s historic centre and community engagement activity.
The public realm works include widening and improving pavements, decluttering the street furniture and the planting of new trees and flower beds to add more greenery. Access to the car parks will also be improved to make getting in and out safer.

Excavating holes for new trees in an urban setting presents the challenge of avoiding the often densely packed communications and utilities that are already in the ground. By using #vacuumexcavation it is possible to minimise the risk of a service strike.

Vac UK has also been taking measures to minimise the impact of excavation on residents and business in Chard. Vac ex generally means a smaller site footprint (typically around a third less) which is good news in the narrow streets – and using acoustic screens to reduce the noise of the vac ex.

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