Vacuum excavation used to negotiate dense utilities.

Kilkern adds support to National Safe Digging Week

4th Jul 2023

It’s National Safe Digging Week 2023 and the team at Kilkern have taken the opportunity to remind everyone, whether professional construction worker or just doing a bit of home improvement, to be wary about what lies beneath.

According to LSBUD (LinesearchbeforeUdig), July is peak month for digging-related accidents as people use the drier weather and longer days as an opportunity to start projects. LBUSD encourages anyone embarking on a project to check with their database which records more than 1 million km of buried assets.

Damaging a pipe or cable could have expensive consequences – the average service strike has been costed at more than £30,000. Of course, for anyone hitting, for example a live electricity cable, the price paid could be much higher.

One of the best ways of avoiding a cable strike is by using vacuum excavation.  Because there us is no physical tool in the ground the chance of damage to existing services is minimal. In fact, suction excavation is credited with a 60 percent reduction in the amount of utility damage compared to traditional methods.

Both Kilkern and our vacuum excavation specialism VAC UK fully support LSBUD’s campaign to raise awareness through National Safe Digging Week.

The threat of service strikes is very serious. Anyone undertaking a project, in whatever capacity, should access services like those provided by the LSBUD. Of course, many, many miles of the UK’s underground infrastructure are not mapped and even tools like C.A.T. and Genny are not one hundred percent accurate.

Vacuum excavation is strongly recommended as the safest and generally the quickest way to excavate around cables and utilities.


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