Composite image showing where family of hedgehogs was rescued in Manchester

Kilkern operators to the rescue

11th Jul 2023

A couple of our Kilkern and VAC UK operatives had a spiky reception from locals while clearing brush for our new yard at Kearsley, Manchester.

Eagle-eyed operative Tom Peddie spotted unexpected movement as he was removing the vegetation alongside the future office car park. Further investigation revealed the cause, a young family of hedgehogs and their mum. Work was quickly stopped while Mum and her four hoglets were rescued.

After a quick consultation with colleagues Mark Fishwick and Mark Bligh, they reached out to the nearest Hedgehog Hospital, Withington Hedgehog Care Trust, who were able to help.

Wendy Ann Gibson, a volunteer at the Hedgehog Care Trust, said that the young family are doing really well and would be ready for re-introduction to the wild as soon as the hoglets are big enough and up to a good release weight.

“There are fewer than a million hedgehogs left countywide,” she said. “All hedgehogs are particularly vulnerable to strimmer injuries and mower injuries. Also, because they like compost heaps, they can get hurt when people dig their compost. We also see cruelty cases, car injuries and the results of attacks by dogs and foxes.

“We get calls at all times of the day and night from concerned people who have found hedgehogs in distress.

“When people get them to us, we can provide emergency care and an environment where they can be nursed back to full strength. Hoglets like this require a lot of attention – including feeding and toileting every two hours day and night. There’s also a lot of costs involved in feeding them whilst in our care.

“It’s amazing that the Kilkern men managed to spot this family and we are grateful to them for saving the Mum and babies – who continue to do well and are growing fast.

“When they are fit again, we release them back to the wild according to Wildlife law. There are a number of protected wild locations where the recovered hedgehogs can live where there are no dangers.”

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