Rhino spotted in Scottish lowlands

7th Jul 2022

Water & Pipeline Services (WPS) has taken delivery of a brand new Longo Rhino vacuum excavator, the first of its kind in Scotland and in doing so becomes VAC UK’s first sales customer north of the border.

The Falkirk-based construction support business is making sure that the latest addition to its fleet will be ready to tackle the toughest tasks. The new vacuum excavator mates the most powerful twin fan suction excavator on the market to an eight wheeled Scania XT chassis powered by the range-topping 540 HP engines.

Based in Scotland and working throughout the UK, WPS specialises in the installation, repair and upgrade of UK utility companies’ underground assets with particular emphasis on minimising impact to the environment.

VAC UK Director Patrick Curran believes that the Rhino will prove a unique asset which will allow WPS to provide an enhanced service to customers and to fulfil its sustainability objective.

“The power of the Longo Rhino is a game changer for vac ex,” he said. “We are seeing huge interest in the machines. The additional power brings new levels of versatility that can meet almost any excavation challenge through a manifestly safer and greener technique.

“You only have to look at the stats for vac ex’s health and safety record to understand why its use is expanding exponentially across the UK. It is a fundamentally safer means of excavation largely because service strikes are extremely rare. Operating companies are not facing the costs associated with the strikes and, more importantly, operating teams are not facing paying the highest price of all.

“Environmentally, vac ex also scores impressively. Aside for the carbon reduction achieved by effectively operating a single machine that’s both excavator and tipper, the machines also deliver higher level of precision to excavation that reduces the volume to be dug and can easily avoid damaging flora such as tree roots.

“We are particularly pleased to have secured this first order in Scotland from WPS. V

AC UK has an exclusive dealership for Longo in the UK, Ireland, the United States and Canada and I’m pleased to say we’re keeping the manufacturer very busy.”

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