Vac UK unveils powerful new Vacuum Excavator

13th Sep 2021

Vac UK, the leading vacuum excavator hire and sales specialist, has unveiled the latest Longo Rhino Vacuum Excavator at No Dig Live 2021 (14th – 16th September 2021).

The new machines are currently being rolled out on site across the UK and the Peterborough show will be the first time they have been publicly demonstrated.
The Longo Rhino Vacuum Excavator is the most powerful twin fan suction excavator on the market producing a flow rate of 45,000 m³/h and a vacuum up to 600 mbar. Each is equipped with the latest features including 360 degree cameras, mega power arms and vibrating skips. The show example is mounted to a Volvo chassis although they can also be fitted to Mercedes and Scania drivetrains.

Vac UK secured the exclusive rights to distribute specialist Italian manufacturer Longo in the UK and Ireland this year.
“The additional power is a key factor adding to the versatility of the Longo,” said Patrick Curran, Vac UK director. “When it is used, vac ex already offers a safer, more sustainable, cost-effective alternative to traditional excavation methods. The increased power only adds to the breadth of applications.
“We are seeing very strong demand from our customer base across major civil engineering, utilities and construction companies and from the public sector. Quite rightly, their expectation is for top class kit, great reliability and value for money and the Longo is consistently delivering.
“At Vac UK we have a set out a clear policy of making available for hire and sale only the most high tech and best quality vac ex machines. To that end, and in response to demand, we have a further 15 machines on order.
“These machines have been described as the Ferraris of vacuum excavation. In fact, the connection with the famous Italian brand runs deeper still: the Longo is used to clear Ferrari’s test tracks at its Modena factory.”

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